About us

The Paramedica Polska company was established in 1993. From the beginning, we have put special emphasis on the careful selection of equipment that meets the highest requirements of safety and quality standards. Many years of cooperation with international suppliers have resulted in the selection of the best global solutions. We are convinced that our offer is complete, in the highest standard, and customers confirm that the solutions provided perfectly fulfill their tasks.

They have trusted us for many years

Ambulance stations

Hospital emergency departments

Intensive care units

Hospital emergency rooms

Fire brigades

Specialized emergency services

Military medical and rescue services

Mining rescue units

Police (including AT units) and City Guard

Border Guard Units

Our Management Team

Bartłomiej Posmyk

Chairman of the Board

Waldemar Posmyk

Member of the Board

Ewa Patora-Nejc

Hospital Market Department Director

Mirosław Chabin

Emergency Medical Services Market Department Director

Beata Niklas

HR Business PARTNER, Board Office Director

Sylwia Szymańska

Service Director

Mariusz Wanat


Dorota Zielińska

Chief Financial Officer

Hospital Market

Agata Augustynowicz

Product Specialist Phone + 48 602 386 441

Mikołaj Czachowski

Product Specialist Phone +48 882 787 947

Aleksandra Litkowska

Product Specialist Phone +48 604 261 334

Konrad Wojdon

Product Specialist Phone +48 539 694 447

Rafał Korycki

Regional Manager Phone + 48 606 296 067

Klaudia Kołodziejczuk

Regional Manager Phone + 48 608 297 844 

Anna Lewczuk

Regional Manager Phone +48 698 683 182 

Edyta Sadecka

Regional Manager Phone +48 600 331 620

Jacek Smolarz

Regional Manager Phone + 48 608 297 916

Danuta Szlacheta

Regional Manager Phone + 48 698 681 334

Marcin Mikos

Sales Support Specialist Phone +48 608 297 920

Edyta Pietryka

Sales Support Specialist Phone +48 883 843 555 

EMS / Ambulance Market

Rafał Kaczmarek

EMS Market Development Manager Phone +48 602 781 585

Maciej Brasse

Product Specialist Phone +48 606 438 325

Paweł Golan

Product Specialist Phone +48 608 297 938

Paweł Waszko

Product Specialist Phone +48 882 787 946

Marcin Solecki

Regional Manager Phone +48 606 437 085

Krzysztof Sołtysiak

Regional Manager Phone +48 608 297 811

Natalia Grabicka

Sales Support Specialist Phone +48 883 844 616

Marketing Department

Paulina Rutyna

Phone +48 606 872 435

We provide our clients with cooperation at all stages, from identifying their needs, through delivering equipment, training users, and the highest quality warranty and post-warranty service.

Our assumption is comprehensive, professional advice in the field of detailed medical equipment. In the initial phase, the client's needs are discussed, thoroughly analyzed, and than we propose solutions fully satisfy client’s expectations.

Our advantage is an individual approach to the customer, fast and effective operation, professional service and reliability of the equipment offered.


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System.

AQAP 2110:2016

NATO Quality Assurance Standard.